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Chili Cheese Thickburger Returns to the Menu For a Limited Time, Along With Chili Cheese Fries

Nov 14, 2006

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – November 13, 2006 – Burger lovers across America have spoken – via numerous e-mails and phone calls – and Hardee's has responded by bringing back a popular menu item just in time for winter – the Chili Cheese Thickburger ™ along with Chili Cheese Fries. Both items were part of Hardee's original Thickburger menu and, starting today, both will return, but only for a limited time.

"Ever since we took the Chili Cheese Thickburger off of our menu, people have been calling our guest response hotline and sending us e-mails via our Web site asking us to bring it back," said Brad Haley, Hardee's executive vice president of marketing. "There just seems to be something so decadent and satisfying about a great burger oozing with hot chili that calls to people, and this product delivers both in a big way. The Chili Cheese Thickburger combines our 1/3-lb., charbroiled Angus beef patty with a hearty, spicy Chili that is sure to keep you warm this winter. Just make sure you grab extra napkins."

The Chili Cheese Thickburger features a charbroiled 1/3-pound, 100 percent Angus beef patty topped with chili, diced yellow onions, mustard, American cheese, and pickles on a seeded bun. The new Thickburger will be sold at participating Hardee's restaurants for $3.49 by itself, or $5.78 for a medium combo meal, although prices may vary. Chili Cheese Fries feature Hardee's classic French fries topped with chili and shredded cheddar cheese and are served with a fork. Chili Cheese Fries can be ordered separately for $2.19 or can be ordered along with any combo meal for an additional charge.

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