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Carl's Jr. and Hardee's Get Hot and Spicy With New Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

Feb 26, 2007

CARPINTERIA, Calif. – Feb. 26, 2007 – Carl's Jr.® and Hardee's® will hit the airwaves today with a spicy new commercial featuring a sultry blond who's having fun with some soap and water. She's not a hotel heiress, but she's still hot.

The new 30-second spot is called "Girlfriend," and was created by Carl's Jr. and Hardee's Los Angeles-based advertising agency, Mendelsohn|Zien Advertising. It features a young, hungry guy enjoying Buffalo wings at his local sports bar. The wings are hot but the waitress is even hotter. The ad ends humorously when the guy is busted by his girlfriend for taking a little too much interest in the waitress. The commercial was created to promote the chains' new spicy Buffalo Chicken Sandwich™, and can be viewed online at

It's the latest micro-website to come out of Carl's Jr. and Hardee's, and the steamiest display since the debut of Paris Hilton's advertising campaign in 2005. The micro-website is hosted by the commercial's star, model/actress Ashley Hartman, who gives tours around the site and can even be dispatched via e-mail to invite your friends to lunch by name. With this latest hot commercial to come out of Carl's Jr. and Hardee's, Ashley knows she's got quite a performance to top. "I've modeled in Maxim and acted on the OC, but the Carl's Jr. and Hardee's commercials and microsite are right up there. If you check out, you'll see how you can get me to invite your friends to meet at your local Carl's Jr. or Hardee's for a red-hot lunch break. It's a great chance to impress your buddies and try the delicious new Buffalo Chicken Sandwich at the same time."

When it came to cooking up the latest and greatest from the Carl's Jr. and Hardee's test kitchens, the burger chains knew that authenticity was key. So, they tapped the sauce maker credited with slathering the first Buffalo chicken wings in Buffalo, New York in 1964 -- Frank's® RedHot®. Frank's Original RedHot Sauce was created in 1920 when Jacob Frank combined the zest of a full-bodied cayenne pepper with vinegar, garlic and other spices. Frank aged his sauce to a thick, rich perfection, and when Frank's RedHot hit chicken wings in the early 60's, culinary history was made. More than 40 years later, Frank's RedHot is still considered to be the base for any true Buffalo sauce.

After initial tests of the crispy chicken breast fillets dipped in Frank's RedHot Buffalo Wing Sauce, the burger chains knew they had made the right call. "Carl's Jr. and Hardee's are known for their high-quality menu offerings, so when it came to making a great Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, we obviously wanted to go with the same sauce used to make the very first Buffalo wings," said Haley. "And our young, hungry guys will probably think the micro-website is just as hot."

The Buffalo Chicken Sandwich features a crispy chicken breast fillet dipped in Frank's RedHot Buffalo Wing Sauce. The fillet is then topped with creamy ranch dressing, sliced red onions, tomatoes, and lettuce, all on a seeded bun. The Buffalo Chicken Sandwich sells for under $4 at Carl's Jr. and Hardee's, and a combo sells for $5.79. Pricing varies regionally. The sandwich is available at all restaurants system wide, for a limited time.

Carl's Jr. and Hardee's Food Systems, Inc. are wholly owned subsidiaries of CKE Restaurants, Inc. (NYSE: CKR) of Carpinteria, Calif. As of the third fiscal quarter ended Nov. 6, 2006, CKE Restaurants, Inc., through its subsidiaries, had a total of 3,113 franchised or company-owned restaurants in 43 states and in 14 countries, including 1,079 Carl's Jr.(R) restaurants, 1,923 Hardee's(R) restaurants and 95 La Salsa Fresh Mexican Grill(R) restaurants.