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Hardee's has their own chicken biscuit deal

May 19, 2008

By Shayna Glick

Do you remember that McDonald's chicken biscuit deal from last week, where they were handing out free samples? Well, it turns out that Hardee's was a bit miffed about that.

Hardee's says that they've had the best chicken biscuit since 1972, and they're out to prove it. So from now until June 30, you can get the purchase price refunded if you don't agree that the Hardee's chicken biscuit is the best one out there. According to one company spokesman, Hardee's is pretty confident that they won't be refunding much money.

I haven't had a Hardee's biscuit in so long I can't even count the years, but I do remember them being delicious. On the other hand, I had a McDonald's chicken biscuit a couple years ago when they first came out, and I thought it was horrible. I don't know how much has changed at either place, but based on my (albeit sketchy) experience, I'd say Hardee's is probably right. Does anyone have any more recent experiences they'd like to share?