Press Coverage

  • Hardee's has their own chicken biscuit deal

    By Shayna Glick

    Do you remember that McDonald's chicken biscuit deal from last week, where they were handing out free samples? Well, it turns out that Hardee's was a bit miffed about that.

    Hardee's says that they've had the best chicken biscuit since 19...

  • Hardee's bucks trend, rolls out another big burger

    ST. LOUIS (AP) -- At a time when many restaurant chains are counting calories and cutting portion sizes, leave it to Hardee's to launch another in its line of Thickburgers -- and its most expensive yet.

    The St. Louis-based fast-food chain's latest menu addition...

  • Open wide: Hardee's offers 920-calorie burrito

    By Jim Salter, AP Business Writer

    ST. LOUIS -- The people who brought you the Monster Thickburger and the 1,100-calorie salad are at it again -- this time for breakfast.

    Hardee's on Monday rolled out its Country Breakfast Burrito -- two egg omelets fill...